Browsing the webpages includes most of or time on internet and often we wish if we could save a webpage to view it later either on PC or Android, and there are numerous of apps available on PlayStore or for your PC that provide this feature with a few ads. But here we are going to discuss a simple method that can be used to save any webpage as PDF in Google Chrome and hence in any Android, for an Android user can't opt to remove chrome unless it's a rooted masterpiece. Ok let's begin with this simple method to save a webpage as PDF for offline use as normal PDF files.

Steps to Save a Webpage as PDF File On PC or Mac

Steps 1:- As we will perform on the chrome browser so forest open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC or MAC Step 2:- Then visit the web page that you want to convert as a PDF. Step 3:- Now press Ctrl+P on Windows PC or Command+P if you are on a Mac to Open the Print dialog on Chrome Browser. 
Step 4:- Now Change the destination to “Save As PDF” and hit the save button in Mac. In latest versions of Chrome for Windows the button is named as Print.

Step 5:- The current web page will instantly be downloaded as a PDF document in your specified download folder.

Steps To Save Any Webpage As PDF In Android

Step 1:- First open chrome and visit the page you are interested in. Step 2:-Then click on the three dots in right top corner. This will provide your very usual options to perform different tasks. Step 3:- Here click on print. This will take you to another screen title "Save As PDF". You can also save the PDF file directly to your drive by clicking the same. Step 4:- Now click the grey colored icon showing text PDF and available in top right corner. Note:- Color and position of icon may vary with version but the output will be same.

Step 5:- Then you will be directed to a familiar screen where you have to specify  where to store the PDF file and it's name. By default chrome selects the title of page as file name.
Hope this hel[ed you, So spread it to your buddies and let us know if you have something in the comment box.
Hello RyberSoft Readers
Today Mutant Sushant here with a new trick.
So here we go these days, its seems like Airtel is just rolling the floor with super loot offers. After 1GB data at Re 1, it is now offering free 1GB 4G data just on dialing a number.
The offer is only for those users who had upgraded their Sim to 4G in Selected States/Users. So, dial now and check your data luck !!

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Note:- This offer is valid for Airtel 4G users who upgraded from 3G sim to 4G sim only. Offer Tested Working in many states.

How to get free 1 GB 4G data ?

1 . Dial 52122 from your upgraded 4G Sim

2. Soon, you will get a Confirmation message if you are eligible for the offer. Thats it !!

Hurrah !! Your free 1 GB data will be added to your account.

3. Please Note:- Use This Airtel Free 1GB 4G Data in 4G enabled Mode only

Note:- Dial *121*2# to check your data balance. Also, keep a deep sight on your Main balance too

For more airtel tricks: Airtel Unlimited 3g Trick

Terms & Conditions:-

1 . Offer is only valid in Selected States.

2. Only valid for those users who had upgraded to 4G

3. Offer can be used only in 4G or LTE devices

4. Limited period offer
Hello Buddy, here we are going to talk about something very funky that will help you modify your Android interface on deepest level. Actually here we will be talking about how to change the name of icons of different apps installed on your Android Smartphone. As any app we use, comes with it's default name and icon as well and there is no option to alter those. But if it's you phone it must do your wish not developer's and after doing a bit of research work I am here with a cool method to change icon names of your apps. Actually the method depends on a cool android app that will allow you to change a name of your icon in your android home screen by just proceeding with some simple steps that we are going to discuss right below. So follow up the steps below to proceed with this customization.

Steps to Change the Names of the Icons on Your Android Home Screen

Step 1:- First of all, you need to download and install the cool android app that is QucikShortCutMaker. This app is available for free on PlayStore.

Step 2:- After installed, launch the app, There you will see the list of the apps that are currently installed on your device.

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Step 3:- Now you have to tap on the app whose icon name you want to play with.
Step 4:- Now you will see all the information regarding the app on your screen and there you will see the option Change the label there, click it.
Step 5:- Now a little popup will appear and you have to fill the name that you want to set to that app and then after that simply tap on OK.
Step 6:- Now there you will see a create option to create a shortcut for the app and after that, you just need to set the ranking to display that app in the app drawer and it's all set.
That’s it! you are done, now you will have the app renamed with your desired name on your home screen. With this method, you can completely change your home screen and make it more attractive by giving your desired name to any of icon that you want. Hope you like this cool android trick, stay connected to get more. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this or any other problem.
Hello RyberSoft reader, we all use gmail for a lots of purposes and and often a lots of mails arrive too. Handling them is really tough if you receive a lots daily. But no worry as we are here with a trick to make your task easier. Actually we are going to discuss a trick about how to select all the unread mails in one go in gmail, and then perform some bulk operations on them. It's a simple trick in which we will use the search box of gmail to get all the unread mails selected at once. So for the complete process go with the steps below:-

Steps To Select All Unread Mails As Read In Gmail:-

Step 1:- First of all surely you need to Log in to your Gmail Account and reach to inbox.
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Step 2:- Now in search box on top Type “is:unread". It's a pseudo code to get all the unread mails at one place.

Step 3:- Now you will get the list of all unread mails on the screen. Then to select all the unread emails just click "Select All”.

Step 4:- And hence you have selected all the unread mails and now it's time to perform some operations on those. Now move to the next Phase as “Select all conversations that match this search”.
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Step 5:- Now you need to select the option of “More” and from the drop down you have to select the option of “Mark As Read.”
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Step 6:- Now if you have numerous unread emails, Then a pop-up will appear which will ask you to “Confirm Bulk Action". And there simply tap on OK to continue.

So above is all about How To get All Unread Mails marked as Read on one go In Gmail. Hope you like the trick. Remember to share with your friends as well. You can leave a comment below if you are facing any issue regarding this or if you have any problem in your cyber life please share we will surely try to help you...
Hello friends it's a cool trick to increase your uTorrent download speed. As default settings can be customized in the settings menu of uTorrent to get highly enhanced download speed. To begin just follow the steps below and enjoy a faster download speed.

Steps To Boost Up Downloading Speed In uTorrent:

Step 1:- First of all launch the uTorrent App in your computer. Now from the top bar select Options and then select Preferences.

Step 2:- Now in the preferences dialog box select Queuing and there change Maximum Number of active downloads to 1.

Step 3:- Now click on Connection there at a side and then make sure that UPnP port mapping is enabled.
Step 4:- Now click on BitTorrent and there enable the Outgoing Protocol Encryption.
Step 5:- Now come to Bandwidth and then there set Maximum Upload Limit to 1 and then simply click on Apply.

Step 6:- You need to manually add trackers, you can find the option to add trackers under the downloading torrent file. You need to right click on the downloading torrent file and select properties and then under “General” tab you have to locate the option “trackers”. Below we will be giving the list of trackers and you need to enter these trackers into the “Trackers” box. uTorrent will automatically ignore the duplicate ones.

As we know, the more trackers the more will be the speed. Therefore you can try adding trackers. Here is the list of trackers you need to add:-

Step 7:- You can try altering the advanced settings for that you need to head over “Options” and then you need to click on “preferences”. Now you need to search for “Advanced” tab where you have to look for “bt.connect_speed” the default value will be 25 you need to increase the value to 80
Now you need to find the option “net.max_halfopen” and set the value to 100 and then apply the settings.
Now you can feel the real improvement in your torrent download speed. Yet if you have any problem please drop it in comment-box.
Hello friend, welcome to RyberSoft I mean welcome to world of tricks. In this short article, we are going to discuss about how to check if someone have blocked you on WhatsApp. Actually there is no official method for this, but on the basis of a few observations you can easily check who blocked you on WhatsApp. As with all social services, things become less pleasant when you are under the suspicion if someone has blocked or removed you from their contact list.
Methods to check if someone blocked you on Whatsapp

Method 1:- No Last Seen Status

As you probably already knew, a key feature of WhatsApp is that you can see when a person was last online on under their contact name. And this will help us check who blocked you on Whatsapp. If a person has blocked your number, his last seen info won’t be visible to you and that field will be blank.

Method 2:- New Messages Not Delievered

To ckeck if someone have blocked you just send him a message. If you see a sent tick mark, you are not blocked else it's bad new. In the same manner you can check who blocked you on whatsapp by sending him a message.

Method 3:- Profile Status or Profile Picture Visible

Now it's the easiest method that will help you check if you are blocked. On the main screen of your WhatsApp you will see the list of all your contact with their Profile picture and their Profile Status as well. But if someone have blocked you, his or her Profile Picture and Status both won't be visible to you rather you will see it blank.
Hope this helped you estimate who blocked you from his/her cyber life. And if you have some other method to find it out please drop it in the Comment-Box below. And don't forget to share it with your social buddies to show off your knowledge.
Hey guys, your friend is here with a nice fully working trick that will help you to cast your android screen successfully to any PC running Windows and with the help of mine you'll find it much easier to do. So, let's do it.....

Hello RyberSoft Readers,
Today Mutant Sushant is here with the new trick i.e, Aircel Good Morning Offer:
Aircel has launched Good Morning plan where its users are getting Aircel to Aircel unlimited free calling between 6 A.M to 8 A.M at just Re 1 daily.
I know you must be curious to know how to activate such an interesting offer.

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So here's the step:

1) Do easy recharge of Re.1 or dial USSD activation code *121*6290# from your Aircel mobile

2) That’s it. Now you can make unlimited Aircel to Aircel free call between 6-8 am for the day.

3 )Dial *121*6291# to de-activate.

4) So Hurry up and enjoy :-)
Hello friend, here we are going to discuss something that will help you remain unfaded in this daily updated world of android games, at least for a while. Yup we are talking about android gaming, as we know gaming in android is something updated on daily basis. Everyday a new and better game is launched with higher requirements as well, and so is hardware which is getting evolved everyday. Now the problem is Smartphones are coming and fading in no time, and neither games. But one thing every android user want in their gaming is the better gaming performance forever but this is not possible yet you can survive a while with trick mentioned here. As sometime devices start lagging followed by games and this just spoil the gaming experience and its real fun. So we are here with a simple method to speedup gaming performance of your android by performing some tweaks every time you open any game.

Steps To Boost Up Game Performance In your Android:-

Step 1:- As most of custom tweaks first of all you need a rooted android and if you are a gamer I hope you already have one.
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Step 2:- Now after rooting your android mobile you will need an android app named GlTools (Graphic Optimizer). It's an awesome android app that boost graphics performance of your mobile. It is the paid application available on play store. You can download it from play store easily by paying ₹137 ($2).
Step 3:- Now once you installed this app launch it and this app will ask you the super user access, grant it that will help this app to write and control system settings to squeeze out better performance from them.

Step 4;- Now you be asked to add little plugin to make this app work and for that you can select TEX(DE)coder there.

Step 5:- Now you are quite close to boosting up your games because now you just need to agree the terms and then simply install the downloaded plugin and now your device will get rebooted to make this app work proper and stable.
Step 6:-Now after reboot is finished just launch this app and you will see all the games and apps installed in
your android mobile. Here you can tap any of the game to boost it's performance.
Step 7:- Now you will see lots of option and you just need to select one as required. And watch your device doing better performance. You can also alter the GPU Name/Emulation and many other settings.
Now just keep on trying new tuning to get better performance. Remember that no setup is universal ideal, so tweak it according to your requirements and get enhanced gaming performance on your Android. If you have something better please drop it in the comment-box below. And don't forget to share it with your social friends as well...
Hello friend, here we are going to talk about making you Android more versatile. The days of Walkie-Talkies were awesome, a link between friends without internet or cellular connection. And you can get those features on your smartphone as well and as your Android is smart it will also provide some smarter features than walkie-talkies. By the method discussed here you can use you android as walkie talkie to call your friend, message them and send files as well, and all this without any internet or cellular connection. Actually we will exploit the WiFi to connect two androids like Wilkie talkie. OK let's have the complete procedure to convert your phone into walkie talkie.

Steps to Connect 2 Android Phones as Walkie-Talkies:-

Step 1:- Install WiFi Talkie FREE on both devices. You can download it from play store.

Step 2:- Open the app on both devices. You should see a list of the devices that are currently connected to your WiFi.
Step 3:-  To make a call, tap on the his or her device name and hit the Call button.
Step 4:- To answer someone's call just drag the green icon right.

Step 5:- To start text chat click on open chat button.
Step 6:- To send files through WiFi click send files, then select the files to send and click send.
That's how you can enjoy a smarter walkie talkie on your android using WiFi to call, chat or send files to your friend. Hope this helped you and if you have any related queries. And don't forget to share if with your social buddies..