It is a fact that Incognito mode doesnt save history but that’s about the only protection it grants you. 99 out of 100 Google Chrome user think surfing porn in Incognito users is safe! Admit it, you use your browser’s Incognito window to surf porn yourself!!!

Why surfing in Incognito is not private?

Opening a private or incognito browser in either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer only ensures your computer does not remember your online activity. As said above, any web browser will make sure your web searches and online history are not visible the next time you log in. And that is all that it does.

However that doesnt mean that Incognito surfing is private or anonymous. You Incognito browsing is stored by your ISP, your company and eventually the browser company. Your internet service provider – or ISP – is able to monitor every webpage and web search you made from your house.

Try opening your bank account or email webpage in Incognito mode. You will find that the data like your user name and password are filled up despite the Incognito mode not saving your data. It is fact that most browsers pull data from local memory to fill such details in both normal as well as Incognito mode.

Google has been very up-front about its privacy policy for surfing in Chrome browser Incognito mode. “Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider or the websites that you visit.” Google has warned.

Actually signing into your Gmail account in Incognito mode makes Google’s job of tracking your porn surfing habits that much more easier.

If you haven’t disabled or paused your account’s Google Web History – you are able to log-in and track your porn surfing activity there, too.

What about other browsers? Most browsers do the same thing what Google does. Like Google, Mozilla Firefox uses an almost-identical disclaimer on its private browsing mode. But again, “while this computer won’t have a record of your browsing history, your employer or internet service provider can still track the pages you visit.”

Then there is something called Super Cookies. Many porn websites use something called Super Cookies which are able to track your movements across the web even when you are browsing in private mode. Super Cookies are like the regular, a lightweight software and sit on a website and fingerprint users who visit the page. When you return to that particular page again at a later date, the website is able to track the entirety of the user’s activity between the two visits.

Considering the above facts, it is unwise to think that your Incognito mode porn surfing habits are either private or anonymous. If you really want to be anonymous, use VPN but dont be under the impression that your Incognito browsing records are private.
Hello friend here we are going to talk about how to set any custom font in your android. Yup here we are going to discuss two method first for non-rooted and second for rooted device. As we expect rooting well increase the chance of successful modifications in this case as well. The stuff mentioned for non rooted devices may not work with some devices specially one with Cyanogen OS, so it's better try for rooted one. So let's begin with the methods:-

Steps to Change Fonts on Android without root access:-

Step 1:- First of all, install GO Launcher from Google Play Store, it's available for free there and is one of the best launchers I found.

Step 2:- Secondly, you have to install GO Launcher Fonts from the Play Store . GO launcher fonts is an unit of GO Launcher that provides different fonts.
Step 3:- Now you need to search for your favorite font in Go Launcher Fonts. Just search and download it.

Step 4:- Open the Go Launcher App and from the home screen tap the Menu button at right corner. Now there select “Go Settings”
Step 5:- Select the preferences from the menu then look for the font option.
Step 6:- Now you will see the list of fonts there select the font of your choice. You need to click on “Scan font” in order to see your downloaded fonts.

Note:- You can manually put the font files to the path /sd card/GOlauncher Ex/fonts. After doing the changes, changes take place immediately without restarting the Phone.

Steps to Change Fonts on Android for Rooted Devices):-

If you got a rooted android then your work is more easier. It ‘s easy to change system font using iFont App as mentioned in following the steps :-
Step 1:- First of all, you need to check if your android device is rooted.
Step 2:- Download and install iFont application.
Step 3:- Open the iFont App, you will get a list of available fonts for your device, select and install any font on your android.
Step 4:- Now select any one of them and click on Set.

Step 5:- After clicked on the set, iFont application grants Superuser permission, then click on Allow permission. Now your device starts to reboot and after that font style successfully changes. Enjoy !!
Note: If you have own ‘TTF‘ font file then copy it and paste on your Sd card, then in iFont click on Custom > Select your own ‘TTF‘ font file from your SD card.
Now you can change your android device’s fonts style anytime. So these are easy and simple methods to change a font on android device with or without rooting. There are many other various apps and ways to change android device fonts. I tried to explain one which is easy to use and implement. I hope you like this method for changing android font don’t forget to share it with others. Did these instructions help you out? Let us know which font you’re using on your Android device in the comments below.
Hey Rybersoft readers, update yourself of smartphones containing fingerprint sensors.
Let me take you to the world of smartphones boasting fingerprint sensors. Come and checkout these luxuries cum necessities.
Fingerprint sensors have moved on from being a niche luxury feature found only in flagships to an essential feature in most smartphones and why not it would be so fascinating feature it contains. The phone will be more secure which would have a biometric login system. In spite of security these smartphones will provide more fascinating features like authentication of app purchases, unlocking of your device, and much more biometrically.
Hey, Rybersoft readers......... I welcome you on this tricker tricks site. I am here once again with an important trick which will help you guys a lot if you've just upgraded Windows 10. If you have upgraded through Upgrader Assistant but not with the Media Creation tool then you might have seen decrease in a large amount of space of C:\ drive (around 15 to 20 GB).
Hey Rybersoft readers here is a short trick to auto enable battery saver mode with its proper adjustments. It would be very much of use when you plan taking your Notebook for a trip and you know that there will be absence of power availability for more than 4 hours. This trick is basically for laptops running Windows 10 OS.
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)  is a programming model that replicates real world objects.Objects are the
building blocks in object  oriented programming provides high level of data integrity.Unlike procedural programming languages where a logical procedure is written to accept input data ,process and give the desired output.In OOP,the programs are modelled around objects.The objects that need manipulation are identified.A general class is built around the object and the logical sequence built to act on the object and logical sequence but to act on the object is called the method.

Now Lets discus some other things which are evolved in Object Oriented Programming.

Objects: They are defined by two terms attributes and behaviour.An object as an entity has both data as well as behaviour.A human being has attributes such as teeth colour,skin colour,eye colour,width,height,behaviour,way of speaking,ways of handling situation and other behaviours such as talking walking and so on.

Attributes : The data stored within the objects is called the attribute.For example,a student in a school has register number,gender,address,date of birth.The information stored in these attributes differentiates the various objects that is the student.

Behaviour: It is what an object can do.In oop the behaviour is defined in the methods whereas in procedural programming languages,the behaviour is described in procedures,functions,constructor or subroutines.

Examples of objects :-  Yeah! It can be anything from human beings,tractors,buses,animals,menu bars,blogger templates,widgets,plugins and buttons on computer screens.

Characteristics of objects: 4 characteristics identity classification ,inheritance and polymorphism.

Identification :  Each object is distinct though  they have similar features.For example:all girls have similar features but each person has their own distinctive characters.

Classification :  Objects of similar attributes are classified under one class. Example. Animals,humans.

Classes: Classes are used to create an object and can be considered as the template or blueprint for the objects.A class us a collection of same type of objects.An object in a class displays the properties and behaviour defined in the class.A class consists of fields and methods to depict the behaviour of the objects

Examples:- Now lets us take the example of creating a shirt.First a paper pattern is created from which shirts can be made.From this paper pattern several shirts of same size and pattern are made.The paper pattern forms the template which is the class and shirt is the object.This creating applications based on a real world models enables the developer to understand the concept of better coding and hence it makes simpler..
Another good example is a bus.It can be a bus bus,or mini bus.

Advantages of OOPS : The main advantages of object oriented programming are:

Modelled on real world objects
Enables reuse of code
Offers flexibility in modifying codes of exiting applications
Easy maintenance of code

Principles of Object Oriented Programming:- OOP is based on four main principles.They are :
Inheritance ,encapsulation ,data abstraction and polymorphism.

So,these are the basic things which are evolved in Object Oriented Programming .Soon I am going to post about the Principles of Object Oriented Programming Language.
If you have any problem about anything about Object Oriented Programming ,then kindly comment and ask,I would be glad to reply you.
Xiaomi seems to be on the go with its new launch. It planned to release two of its phablets on the same day as Samsung is to disclose the updates for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 edge devices; the event for the latter to take place in New York and London. So there has come a lot in the month of August itself!

Xiaomi has talked of its two Note devices; namely the Redmi Note 2 which is priced at $125 and Redmi Note 2 prime which has been priced at $155. Having said that, Samsung might have to think about its further device prices as Xiaomi might very much extend its coverage to Us as well (pretty much hinted by VP of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra), if not now, may be in a year or two.

Expanding their bases should of course be their priority on the to-do lsit for gaining customers and adding up to their sales. However, as for current statistics, Xiaomi is giving a good competition to Samsung in China’s mobile market as the latter seems to be losing its earlier hold over there. Xiaomi has been stated as the third largest Smartphone maker; of course after Apple and Samsung.

Having said so much about the phone, let us have a look at the features.

The Redmi Note 2 is a 2.0GHz MediaTek (MTK) Helio X10 processor, with a 16GB of internal storage and a decent 2GB RAM. The Redmi Note 2 Prime on the other hand has a 2.2GHz chip, with a whooping 32GB of storage and 2GB RAM. Both have an HD display of 5.5-inch with a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front shooter. With pace for a microSD, they have a 3600 mAh battery.

The Smartphones will come in a variety of pastel shades, including the classic  black and white!

Xiaomi seems to have set its eyes on features which users wish to have, rather than giving them what they feel is good.

Also, there has been news on the new MIUI update that Xiaomi has got for the Android skin- to be officially available after the 19th of August globally! It has been said that the update is going to incorporate an improved level of performance, battery saving techniques and also options to personalize the phones with ‘colorful themes.’

Also, in a final announcement, Xiaomi has launched its PCS router, to be known asMi Wi-Fi nano, and is priced at roughly$12. The company has a number of products to itself, which includes air purifiers, smart TV’s, Wearable gadgets and a lot more!

It hasn’t reached up to a Samsung or Apple range of products, but it is on its way to achieve set goals and targets as a growing and an emerging Smartphone Company!

For all those who have had a glimpse of Windows 10 on your devices, you must be wondering where the smoothness of a Windows OS vanished. Well, all devices and upgrades seem to be on the go and are still unveiled; Windows 10 is no less. However, that doesn’t mean that it has been a bad choice for all. Many have managed to have Windows 10 without any kind of issues.
For those who faced problems, here are ways to sorting the common ones!

Battery life:

This has been a concern for all, every time there is a new update. However, for the Windows 10 this seems to be not a minor, but a major issue. For battery issues you need to check for firmware or drive fixes to optimize the hardware that works in proper sync with Windows 10.

Hence, if you have been noticing a sudden fall of charge on your devices, you need to have a run through of your hardware with the manufacturer! Having done that, your battery life will at least not depreciate if not conserved.

Default apps:

All the pre-set apps on your device seem to have got lost with the upgrade. Now all the changes and customizations you made are gone! For example opening an image means visiting a Windows application rather than something which will be beneficial.

It is irritating undoubtedly, but can be easily fixed.
Here is how:
· Go to the settings option and click on System.
·  Next you can to go to the default apps option.
You can simply right click on a file and start with the ‘open with’ for the first time, followed by selecting ‘always use this app’ option.

Wrecked software:

Despite being tested for quite a long time, there are a number of bugs which cause hurdles in working of applications, mainly the old ones. In case you have been facing the same problem, you need to look up for program updates until a fix is finally out.

Rebooting while update:

With the update completions comes a cycle of reboot for the devices. Due to some errors, it doesn’t seem to work. *Microsoft seems to have overlooked minor issues.*
If you are a pro at hacking, then you can probably fix the bug, while for the others it has to be a long wait until a fix rolls out.

Other Issues:

There are so many devices, each with hardware and software of its kind. Troubleshooting advices for each and every problem is impossible. A probable solution to the so many issues could be un-installation followed by re-installation of the application to help the upgrade function better. Updates for Windows 10 are coming quite frequently; it is only time to wait for the right kind of update to help you fix your problem.

Also, you can as well reinstate your device o its very original form. All you need is go to update and security, and choose reset this PC. All of this, you need to do within one month of updating your device!
For the gamers most difficult is to get new games i.e to download them. If you messed up a wrong site you will ruin hours dealing ads and surveys too. Most irritating is to find correct download link in bunch of buttons named download file. Even me face such problems specially while downloading big games. So here we have some of the best sites from where you can get your favorite games for PC. And these sites have the  huge collection of games that you will love to play  on  your  computer and with easy to use website interface as well. So watch out the list of  these sites below which don't think only about their ads being clicked.

List of sites to download PC games for free

1. Origin On The House

This is one of the best sites where you will get the premium games for free. These are days when your desired games are freely available for your PC. So you must visit this site regularly to get your favorite PC games for free.
2. Acid Play

This is another site where you can easily get your favorite games. Site developers have used tools like search, ratings, and recommendations to help you find and download the perfect game in less than a minute. You can download most freeware games directly from their download servers. And there all games are scanned downloads using ClamAV, so they’re safe, secure and fast.
3. AllGamesAtoZ

It's another awesome website where you can get all your games for free to download on your PC. It is a free online gaming source which provides you game lists, game's no of downloads and game reviews and lots more that will help you choose the correct game for yourself.
4. Free PC Gamers

FreePCGamers is a website focused on free games. Games that are unfairly overlooked since a lot of them maintain great qualities. This site reviews those games to make sure they get their 15 minutes of fame. They cover all game genres: action, adventure, casual, girl games, first-person shooter, musical, racing, role playing games, simulation, sports, strategy, and more.
5. Full

Full provides various Best PC games such as Action games, Strategic games, logic games, adventure games,sports and racing games and lots more that you will get to know after visiting the site. In this site, you will find a number of free computer games that can be downloaded for free and rest are premium one.
6. Mega Games

Mega games is another good site where you can search out for any games and can directly download the game on your PC for free. Also there you can get the HD 3d games for free to download and all the PlayStation games for your PC.

This is one of the best sites where you can get best games for free on your PC. One of the best sites where you can find the huge collection of the best games that you will love to play in your PC and all the games are free here.
8. Gametop

Most of Freeware games are available on this site. Here you will get all the Latest Games, Most Popular, Most Played, Random Games. It also have some small games which are just addictive! You must visit the site and get your free games from this site to enjoy the world of games more easily.
9. Reloaded
This is another awesome site where you will get all your favorite games. It also provides freeware games, all with screenshots, with reviews, popular remakes, music and extras and much more to help you chose the best game for yourself.
10. Pogo
An awesome on-line gaming site with hundreds of games available to play after completing a simple registration. You can also play games with your friends for free here.
So above are the Top 10 Websites I found to download PC games for free. Visit the sites and search out your preferred games there or just try some of their awesome collection and get all cool games for your PC for free. Hope you will like the sites and soon become a regular user as I am. Please let is know if you have any better website in the comment box below. And don't forget to do sharing work....
Nowadays Android has become the most popular operating system and is being used by the majority of Phone users. As we all know that Android is open source OS and is based on Linux kernel and developed by Google. There are many features in an android phone. So I write this article for our users who are searching for some android secret codes.

What are Secret Codes?
Secret Codes are the numeric/symbolic sequences which allows you to access system settings which are not directly available in the android setting menu.

How to Use it?
We can use the secret codes by entering the codes in dialer menu and by dialling it the same way as you use to check the balance.

So here I provide you some Secret Codes for Android. May be some of the codes will not work on specific devices but that doesn't mean that the codes are fakes its due to some particular companies has blocked the use of some codes, but you can try all the codes if you can.

Android Secret Codes

For IMEI Number: *#06#
For RAM Memory version: *#*#3264#*#*
For FTA SW version: *#*#1111#*#*
For FTA HW version: *#*#2222#*#*
For Touchscreen version: *#*#2663#*#*
To test Bluetooth: *#*#232331#*#*
To display Bluetooth Physic Address: #*#232337#*#
To test secret GPS: *#*#1472365#*#*
To test other GPS:  *#*#1575#*#*
To test WiFi/Wireless LAN of phone: *#*#232339#*#* or *#*#528#*#* or *#*#526#*#*
To display Wi-Fi MAC Address: *#*#232338#*#*
To test Vibration and Back-light of device: *#*#0842#*#*
To test Proximity/Distance Sensor: *#*#0588#*#*
To test Touchscreen: *#*#2663#*#*
For Audio Test: *#*#0289#*#* or *#*#0673#*#*
To launch Service Mode: *#*#197328640#*#*
Hidden Service Menu (Motorola Droid): ##7764726
Field Test: *#*#7262626#*#*
To format the phone: *2767*3855#
To Restore Factory Settings: *#*#7780#*#*
To create Immediate backup of your multimedia files: *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*
To display Phone Information: *#*#4636#*#*
To get detailed Camera Information: *#*#34971539#*#*
For Software & Hardware Information: *#12580*369#
To display HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu: *#301279#
To start GTalk Monitoring: *#*#8255#*#*
To get PDA, Phone, H/W and RF Call Date: *#*#4986*2650468#*#*
Displays Build Time and Change List number: *#*#44336#*#*
Packet Loopback Test: *#*#0283#*#*
LCD  Display Test: *#*#0*#*#*
Enter Service Menu (on New Phones): *#0*#
Diagnostic Configuration: *#9090#
USB Logging Control: *#872564#
System Dump Mode: *#9900#
View Phone Lock Status: *#7465625#
Executes Emergency Dial Screen to unlock PUK Code: **05**#
Enables Voice Dialing Logging Mode: *#*#8351#*#*
Disables Voice Dialing Logging Mode: *#*#8350#*#*
Change behavior of Power button: *#*#7594#*#*
 All the above-given codes are tested and working fine, but codes may not work single device. You can just try find which work or which not. Be alert while using them we are not responsible for any data loss or other problem. If you had any problem while trying must leave your comment.