Hi friends. Today i wil give you the universal id and password of Alan Walker Website which is w41k3r.com . Many fans of Alan Walker faced many problems in making the id of the website.
The main problem in the creation of the id is the website needs the invite code which is not available to all the fans. I know there are many fans which are still wants to knows about the website.

Hello friend, hope you have a rooted Android which is much more useful than a normal one. With a rooted Android you can perform a number of tasks like boost up games, patch games for unlimited coins, overclock your CPU to get suitable configuration for you, increase the RAM of your Android device and many more which seems like a fancy for a non rooted user. But as you know many of those apps require BusyBox to work properly.

What is BusyBox? Why Should I use BusyBox?

Hope you know what's BusyBox yet a short summary from mine side. BusyBox is a collection of powerful command-line tools in a single binary executable that can be run for UNIX based systems, including Android. This collection of tools available depends on how the BusyBox binary was built, and the source code is GPLv2 open-source, available from http://www.busybox.net/. Remember that  Most of the tools don’t do anything useful without elevated root privileges as in a rooted Android device.

Requirements To Install BusyBox In Android

OK let's clear it right now that we need nothing more than a rooted Android and the BusyBox installer app installed on it. Hope you have the rooted Android and you will learn how to download the BusyBox app in your rooted Android.
If you are set with all these then it's time to discuss the steps to install BusyBox.

Steps To Install BusyBox on Rooted Android

Buddy there are two methods you can use to install BusyBox in your device, one is to flash the zipped file and in second which we are going to discuss here need just an app from PlayStore which will do all for you. So let's begin with the steps below-
Step 1:- First of all download and install the BusyBox installer app from this link to PlayStore.
BusyBox installer

Note:- If you perform PlayStore search for BusyBox you will get number of results out of which we have chosed the best one.
Step 2:- After installed the BusyBox installer, just open it. On very first screen you will be asked to allow root access to the app. Here you just allow to let it install BusyBox on you Android.

BusyBox root access

Step 3:- Now in main screen you will see a big install button which you just click and wait a while till BusyBox is installed on your device.
Install BusyBox

Step 4:- On completion you will see a notification pop-up that BusyBox is installed successfully.

Successful install

That's how you finished installing BusyBox binaries on your Android. And now you are ready to rock, and you can even uninstall the BusyBox binaries from the same app. But if you plan not to uninstall them better uninstall the BusyBox installer app. If you keep the app nodoubt you can update the BusyBox easily, but you can even complete the updating procedures from lucky patcher or can install the app back when you wish to check for the updates.
Hope you found it useful and we wish to See you again on RyberSoft.

Hello guys, mine exams are over and I am here with a trick that will help you lot to keep your device charged. Actually we are going to discuss a tweak you can use to make your laptops USB ports remain on even in sleep mode. This will keep your phone charging even when PC or laptop is in sleep mode. Next thing after charge and power banks we use to charge our Smartphone is laptop, but to charge a phone in we have to keep you laptop on which consumes a lots of power, and to make things go worse only around 10% is all your phone gets our of total consumption by laptop. In such situations another problem is your laptop goes to sleep mode is idle timer is set hence interrupting your charging. But here we are with a short trick that will keep your phone charging even when your laptop is in sleep mode hence both save a huge part of the 90% of wasted energy and will free you from tension to either change settings or keep your lapi alive. OK now let's begin with the steps to disable power saving on your USB ports that won't stop the phone from charging in sleep mode. To increase your battery lifetime on windows 10 checkout this guide about auto enable power saver in windows 10. 

Steps To Keep Phone Charging With Laptop In Sleep Mode

Step 1:- Open Device Manager on your laptop. You can either right click on my computer icon to select device manager option or open it from Device and Printers Section of control panel.
Don't forget to read our guide to help you charge your phone faster.
Step 2:- Now in the Device Manager window, you will see the compete list of all devices on your machine categorised hierarchically. In the list just scroll down and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controller section. You will see some devices listed as ‘USB Root Hub‘.

Charge in sleep mode

Step 3:- Right click on the device named 'USB Root Hub' and select properties. Now you will see a familiar screen if you often go through such stuff but no need to worry if you don't as all you have to do is switch to 'Power Management' section. Now uncheck the checkbox labeled “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.
And it's done now, to check it just plug in your phone data cable to USB to see your phone being charged.
Note:- This may not work if your BIOS settings is configured to disable USB wake support. You must enable it from BIOS settings if this don't work. Yeah don't forget to catch how to reset laptop BIOS password without using screw.
Hope this helped you keep your phone charged in adverse conditions as well. If you like it please do share the stuff with your social buddies and help us to help more people.
Hey friends, today I show you all the features of messenger lite which is recently launched on 1st October. Messenger is not running smoothly in all types of android devices. Most of the time it hangs the device which contains less amount of RAM. So the facebook launch messenger lite for only chatting.
Messessnger lite is for slow connection.

FB Messenger Lite Version
Hello Friend, I am back with an awesome trick which is related to Google. Using this trick you can find direct link of mp3 in the google. And I will tell you this awesome trick of google search to download any type of song directly without surfing in those irritating website which often contain ads bolder than real content. Friend, it's something we all need for it's easy application.
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 It's a easy to use Google trick because using it you can download songs directly from their servers and you all know we love shortcuts.
Laptops are essential for business executives but implementing a comparable tablet for the same would boost productivity while reducing the weight on your gear bag. The major advantage of today's tablets over laptops are they are very much handy & portable and much easy to use when paired with a sleek and slim wireless made for them keyboard.
So, friends let me take you to the world of tablets that will surely break your heap of a task to a smaller one.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 : The best tablet in its class, Surface Pro 4 gives you a cutting edge of a higher resolution screen, glossy thinner design with Intel’s Skylake processor makes this tab a complete and productive for business use. It certainly proves you the best replacement for your laptop.Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Processor    Intel Core i5-6300U clocked.                          at 2.4GHz
Graphics           Intel HD.                                                          Graphics 520
RAM                        8GB
Screen      Size:     12.3 inch,                                               Pixel Sense Display
                   Resolution:     2736x1824.                                                   (267 ppi)
                  Aspect Ratio:   3:2
Storage                              256GB
Connectivity  Wifi        802.11ac,
                        Bluetooth       4.0
Camera          Rear:               8MP
                        Front:              5MP
Battery   upto 9 hours of video playback
Weight                          784 g  
Dimensions                 11.5 x 7.93 x.                                              0.36 (in inches)

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Dell XPS 12 :  XPS 12 is a tab by American Giant Dell comes with a fabulous stylus and a sleek keyboard. A good to use professional tab XPS is a good competitor of Surface Pro 4. It is a handy replacement for your Laptop. It boasts a whooping resolution of 3840 x 2160 – highest of all present here.XPS 12

Processor             Intel Core m5.                                        clocked at 1.1GHz
Graphics                Intel HD.                                                         Graphics 515
RAM                                8GB
Screen           Size:      12.5 inch,
             Resolution:     3840x2160                                                                                 
Storage                                  256GB
Connectivity  Wifi              802.11ac,
                        Bluetooth    4.1
Camera          Rear:            8MP
                        Front:           5MP
Battery                     6-cell, 55Wh,                                  Li-ion, non removable 
Weight                       793 g  
Dimensions                11.46 x 7.6 x.                                              0.31 (in inches)

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S : Another Windows device, TabPro S is a direct competitor of Apple tablets. It comes with a made for it keyboard bundled along. It is thinner than both Surface Pro 4 and XPS 12. Really a good tab by this South Korean Giant to invest your money onto it.Galaxy TabPro S
Processor              Intel Core m3.                               6Y30 clocked at 2.2GHz
Graphics                Intel HD.                                                         Graphics 515
RAM                                 4GB
Screen.          Size:       12 inch,
            Resolution:       2160 x 1440
Storage                           256GB
Connectivity  Wifi           802.11ac,
                       Bluetooth 4.1
Camera         Rear:        5MP
                      Front:        5MP
Battery                            5200mAh,                                                non removable
Weight                            680 g
Dimensions                11.43 x 7.83.                                           x 0.25 (in inches)

iPad ProApple iPad Pro :  Apple is known for its perfection in its products, its iPad Pro proves it. This tab is gorgeous to hold in your hand and work. The sound is nearly perfect (I mean louder with clarity). But what makes its different is its screen size which looks nearly square (relatively to other tabs).The optional accessories include a stylish Apple Pencil stylus and a keyboard which will boost productivity but also add cost to it. iPad also features Apple’s new split screen multitasking.
Processor             Apple A9X.                                           clocked at 2.26Ghz
Graphics                Integrated.                                                      Graphics
RAM                           4GB
Screen      Size:      12.9 inch,
        Resolution:     2732 x 2048
Storage                    32GB
Connectivity  Wifi:         802.11ac,
                 Bluetooth:          4.2
Camera    Rear:       8MP iSight
                  Front:     5MP FaceTime
Battery                             10,307.                                                     mAh (38.8 Wh)
                                    Non-                                                        removable Li-Ion
Weight                          712 g
Dimensions             8.68 x 12 x.                                                  0.27 (in inches)

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Asus Transformer 3 Pro : Asus loves experiments of uniqueness as its tab displays by acknowledging 16 Gigabytes of RAM – highest in all series of tabs till day. Asus Transformer Pro is least costly among the tabs present. It also boasts 13MP of rear camera which is unique in class. It comes with a docking station for stable operation. For security purpose, Asus has provided Transformer Pro with TPM which shouts as Trusted Platform Module.Transformer 3 Pro
Processor           Intel Core i5  6200U
Graphics             Intel HD.                                                         Graphics 520
RAM                               16GB
Screen      Size:         12.6 inch,
        Resolution:     2880 x 1920
Storage                       256GB
Connectivity   Wifi:         802.11ac,
                     Bluetooth   4.1
Camera        Rear:          13MP
                     Front:           2MP
Battery                            39Wh
Weight                            771 g
Dimensions            11.7 x 8.03 x.                                              0.3 (in inches)

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet: Sony tab Xperia Z4 is a water and dust resistant device having modest features. This tab has good processing capabilities ideal for beginners and travellers. It is lightest and thinnest (less than the half of iPad Pro) of all tabs described here. It is a versatile machine for work on the go.Xperia Z4
Processor      Qualcomm  Snapdragon 810.                 clocked at 2GHz                        
Graphics                 Adreno 430
RAM                         2GB
Screen     Size:           10.1 inch,
       Resolution:       2560 x 1600
Storage                         32GB
Connectivity  Wifi:       802.11ac,
                  Bluetooth:     4.1
Camera      Rear:            8MP
                    Front:            5MP
Battery                        6000mAh
Weight                          390 g
Dimensions                 10.0 x 6.57 x.                                              0.24 (in inches)

Hello friend, We all use and are fond of torrent as it serves us stuffs like games, movies and many more for free. And to access these stuffs we use torrent downloaded like uTorrent and Bit Torrent. And they contains ads too and if you want to get rid of those popping and irritating ads which negatively affect your download, one option is to get it's pro version but if you have a bit of exploring attitude you can do it of yourself and free as well. Yeah Buddy it's possible by performing just a few setting tweaks as explained below:-

Steps To Disable Ads In uTorrent And BitTorrent

Step 1:- Go to your BitTorrent or uTorrent Application. Then go to the Preferences setting and to the bottom of right panel you will find “Advance". Just click on the Advance to get it's sub menu in left panel.
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advanced settings in uTorrent

Step 2:- Now you need to find the option of gui.show_plus_upsell and mark it as False as shown in screenshot below.

change settings in uTorrent to block ads

Step 3:- Next, you have to find the option of offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled and mark it as False.
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Step 4:- Now you have to find bt.enable_pulse mark it as False as well.
Step 5:- Now you have to search for gui.show_notorrents_node mark it as False.
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Step 6:- Now at last you have to find the option of offers.content_offer_autoexec and mark it as False.
That’s it! You are done now you will see no ads in your Torrent clients and hence no more adds. So friend hope this helped you to get rid of adds on your UTorrent or BitTorrent and get faster download. So cheer and share this trick with your friend to help them too.
Hello friend, we often keep on posting things that help you deal your cyber problems with ease and joy. And here I am with a cool trick to increase your uTorrent download speed. We all use torrents and to download files we need a Torrent downloader client like uTorrent. There are some configuration settings that are responsible for how files are exported or imported on Torrent connection. As default settings are provided to suite everyone's basic requirements which can be customized in the settings menu of uTorrent to get highly enhanced download speed. And here I am to explain about some tweaks in the settings of uTorrent to get enhanced download speed. To begin just follow the steps below and enjoy a faster download speed.

Steps To Boost Up Downloading Speed In uTorrent:

Step 1:- First of all launch the uTorrent App in your computer. Now from the top bar select Options and then select Preferences.

preference in uTorrent

Step 2:- Now in the preferences dialog box select Queuing and there change Maximum Number of active downloads to 1.

change Maximum Number of active downloads

Step 3:- Now click on Connection there at a side and then make sure that UPnP port mapping is enabled.
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Step 4:- Now click on BitTorrent and there enable the Outgoing Protocol Encryption.
Step 5:- Now come to Bandwidth and then there set Maximum Upload Limit to 1 and then simply click on Apply.
Note:- This step 5 may decrease your speed depending on the trackers, as some trackers tends to decrease your download speed according to your upload limit. (Thanks to Jean Sarda from Comment Section for reminding to add this.)

Limit uTorrent upload speed

Step 6:- You need to manually add trackers, you can find the option to add trackers under the downloading torrent file. You need to right click on the downloading torrent file and select properties and then under “General” tab you have to locate the option “trackers”. Below we will be giving the list of trackers and you need to enter these trackers into the “Trackers” box. uTorrent will automatically ignore the duplicate ones.

As we know, the more trackers the more will be the speed. Therefore you can try adding trackers. Here is the list of trackers you need to add:-

Step 7:- You can try altering the advanced settings for that you need to head over “Options” and then you need to click on “preferences”. Now you need to search for “Advanced” tab where you have to look for “bt.connect_speed” the default value will be 25 you need to increase the value to 80
Now you need to find the option “net.max_halfopen” and set the value to 100 and then apply the settings.
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That's about how you can enhance the torrent download speed in uTorrent. After following the above steps you can feel the improvement in your torrent download speed. Yet if you have any problem please drop it in comment-box.
Hello RyberSoft reader, we all use gmail for a lots of purposes and and often a lots of mails arrive too. Handling them is really tough if you receive a lots daily. But no worry as we are here with a trick to make your task easier. Actually we are going to discuss a trick about how to select all the unread mails in one go in gmail, and then perform some bulk operations on them. It's a simple trick in which we will use the search box of gmail to get all the unread mails selected at once. So for the complete process go with the steps below:-

Steps To Select All Unread Mails As Read In Gmail:-

Step 1:- First of all surely you need to Log in to your Gmail Account and reach to inbox.
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Step 2:- Now in search box on top Type “is:unread". It's a pseudo code to get all the unread mails at one place.

Step 3:- Now you will get the list of all unread mails on the screen. Then to select all the unread emails just click "Select All”.

Step 4:- And hence you have selected all the unread mails and now it's time to perform some operations on those. Now move to the next Phase as “Select all conversations that match this search”.
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Step 5:- Now you need to select the option of “More” and from the drop down you have to select the option of “Mark As Read.”
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Step 6:- Now if you have numerous unread emails, Then a pop-up will appear which will ask you to “Confirm Bulk Action". And there simply tap on OK to continue.

So above is all about How To get All Unread Mails marked as Read on one go In Gmail. Hope you like the trick. Remember to share with your friends as well. You can leave a comment below if you are facing any issue regarding this or if you have any problem in your cyber life please share we will surely try to help you...
Ambient display feature, being one of the cool features of Android helps a lot in enhancing the look and usability of your lock screen. It makes you easily read their Android notifications on the locked screen. But a fact is it's not  available in all Android Devices, just a few Smartphone Brands specially those who have custom UI (e.g MIUI ) provide this feature. One reason for not having Ambient Display may be the your device is old enough. So here we are with how to get Ambient display feature on Any of Android Device either rooted or not. Our process involve using an app for the non-rooted and an exposed module for the rooted one. So let's begin with the steps--

How To Get Ambient Display On Non-Rooted Android:-

As mentioned above this method works on an application from Google play store named AcDisplay which will introduce you to a new way of handling notifications in Android. It will show notifications in form of minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what’s going on, just have a look at lock screen to view all the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasing and minimalist way.

Steps To Get Ambient Display On Non-Rooted Android:-

Step 1:- First of all, you need to download AcDisplay on your android device. It's availabe for free and in all countries as well.
Step 2:- After downloaded and installed the app, open it and you can see by default AcDisplay is turned off you need to turned it on.

Step 3:- Once you turn it on you will be asked for Required permissions simply and you allow them as in screenshot below.

Step 4:- Now you have finished half your way to awesome features of Ambient display and to finish it need to open the settings panel from the top right corner of AcDisplay.
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Step 5:- From there tap on “Active mode” and then check the option “Disable on low battery”. This option will ensure your battery is not exploited when your smartie is Low Battery.

That's how you could enable Ambient display of any Android without root with just an app, You will explore out more features of this app and please let us know if you have something better in the comment-box.

How To Get Ambient Display On Rooted Android:-

This method is based on using a module of exposed framework. It will need a rooted device with exposed framework installed so that this module can work.

Steps to Get Ambient Display On Rooted Android:-

Step 1:- First ensure your device is rooted and exposed framework is installed on it.
Step 2:- Next install this exposed module named Enable Ambient Display.

Step 3:- Now all you need to do is just open the aap and manage settings as displayed in the screenshot below.
That's it and now your are done with Ambient Display on your rooted SmartPhone. Hope this helped you squeeze best of your android and with share the stuff with your social buddies.